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Embezzlement - Kingsbury Law Firm has significant experience, as well as relationships with CPA audit firms and investigation firms that have a real aptitude to get to the bottom of the facts that are the basis of alleged charges brought against a defendant for embezzling funds. Embezzlement is on the rise in today's society, but increasingly criminals use computers to steal the funds, and evidence can sometimes be planted on unknowing victim' computers, setting them up to take the fall for their action

Kingsbury Law Firm successfully defended such a wrongly accused defendant who has been arrested for theft of 250 thousand dollars from a Delaware bank. Today's defense needs the advanced skills of computer and audit forensic investigators on the legal team to debunk prosecutors evidence and bring reasonable doubt as to the credibility of prosecutions' sometimes misled evidence gathering. Who has the forensic resources partners and legal skills to give you a fighting chance?

Computer Crime is prevalent in our Internet connected society today. The temptations of Facebook to hook up with old flames on the Internet are driving divorce rates higher for the first time in decades. Adult entertainment and dating sites can be easily veiled entrapment sites by law enforcement for teen porn site sweeps. The computer can be used on the Internet for such purposes by others and the evidence stays unbeknown to the owner, on their own computer

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